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    Welcome to Zhejiang Sainon Chemical Co., Ltd.!

    Time: 2019-12-12

    Zhejiang Sainon Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang Economic Development Zone---Quzhou High-tech Industrial Park. It is a professional chemical enterprise producing MEKO(Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime) . Now the company is appraised as the largest domestic producer of high-quality MEKO.

    Our company insists on the Tech-sustainable development route, sticking to developing and innovation. In 2007, we successfully accomplished the manufacture of the world's first equipment for the synthesis of MEKO through ammoximation; a "green" synthesis technology of diacetylmonoxime has firstly been achieved, which further improved the quality of products. Due to the reliable product quality and the excellent service, our company has established good reputation and brand image in domestic markets. And products have also been exported to and well received in Europe and North America, etc. Our company used existing related technologies to develop series of oxime compounds and hydroxylamine salt compounds in recent years; these products have been put into the markets in order to meet the demands of high-end customers.

    All staff in the company holding the same belief, are ready to join hand in hand through winds and rains to keep improving our quality of service and efficiency. We are looking forward to joining hands together with all clients around the world to create a brighter tomorrow.

    Support hotline:


    Tech. Support: +86-13906706367

    Fax: +86-570-3375533

    E-mail: kailin1133@kailinchem.com

    Website: www.theodorebikel.com

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